Education majors concerned about possible school shootings in future careers

Education majors concerned about possible school shootings in future careers
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BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Almost one month after the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, local college students looking to take on careers as school teachers still have the thought of school shootings on their minds.

While some students  at Bowling Green State University said they are fearful, they're not letting that hold them back from wanting to be a school teacher.
Education majors said they have discussed the Florida shooting in class. They said they talked about whether or not teachers should have guns in their classrooms for protection.

Aspiring high school teacher and current BGSU student, Ally Davis admits safety and security in schools is on her mind quite often.

"I've had a lot of discussions with my mom about it, considering she's a teacher and everything. And I've said how it's kinda concerned me and how it's a little scary. She said  it's terrible things that are happening, but how many school districts there are in the United States and the ratio wise to where this is happening, is not that great. So she said to not be afraid," Davis, said.

Students said they want to go into teaching because for them, it would be rewarding to help other young people learn and grow.

One student expressed concerns about safety and security training at the university.

BGSU said it will offer campus wide ALICE training this spring along with the university's police department.

As for now, classes geared toward safety and security are not being offered but those with BGSU said they could see that being offered in the future and very helpful for that matter.

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