Kaptur announces endorsement of Cordray, Sutton

Kaptur announces endorsement of Cordray, Sutton

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - One of the most prominent Democrats in Ohio is throwing her support behind a candidate to be the state's next governor.

With a large group of local Democratic party members in attendance, Representative Marcy Kaptur officially endorsed Richard Cordray and Betsy Sutton for Democratic candidate for Ohio governor and Lt. governor.

Representative Kaptur says both Cordray and Sutton's track record of working for a getting results for the people was a big factor in her endorsement. Cordray, with his time as director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Sutton as a US representative.

Kaptur says she believes the duo is just what Ohio needs in administrative leadership to bring Ohio back to the forefront as leaders in the nation.

"This is a time for reset in Ohio, for new leaders, for new leadership. A time for leaders who hold a vision for new progress for Ohio," said Kaptur. "Help Ohio lift itself and be a leadership state, not a backwards state in this union. We have given too much to this state, we care too much to put it in sophomoric hands."

"When you worked with Marcy, you always hear her loud and clear because she looks around and tries to find ways she can enlist you in the causes she is fighting for and understands that by working together, we get more things done," said Cordray.

Kaptur announced the endorsement at the National Museum of the Great Lakes.

During their joint appearance at the National Museum of the Great Lakes, the democrats discussed the importance of Lake Erie to Ohio as well, and northwest Ohio in particular.

"We appreciate the experience this team has to understand how important this lake is, not just to Ohio, but to the entire continent," Kaptur explained.

"It's affects economic development here and it's just the kind of thing that if people don't come together to solve it, it will fester and it will remain," said Cordray.

Cordray will square off against Dennis Kucinich, Joe Schiavoni and Bill O'Neill in the primary on May 8th.

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