Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: March 8, 2018

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo and several of its suburban neighbors and customers signed a "memorandum of understanding" and what they understood is that they were pushing forward with a Regional Water Authority.

Now, the legislative bodies city and village councils, and the like, would have to approve, but the idea of water as a regional asset has never come this far before.

But now comes push back and it comes from a very familiar place and face.

We welcomed former three-term Mayor of Toledo Carty Finkbeiner and asked if there is a scenario under which he sees the city of Toledo as being a player in a Regional Water Authority at all.

We also welcomed former mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson.

Words like "slaughter" and "massacre" are such brutal, sub-human terms. Which is why Jerry prefers to use them when talking about school shootings.

Kids in casual clothes, their biggest worry being a possible pop-quiz in American History next period, or in the case of Sandy Hook, reciting numbers or the alphabet, learning to draw in first grade.

Taking their lives is the most inhumane of acts or its the lead story on the news. And, too often, these days, it is both.

So our emotions run high, make our schools fortresses, take all the guns away from all the people we think are different. No, put guns in the schools so we at least have a fighting chance. Blame the N.R.A., love the N.R.A., it is our second amendment right.

You are not a militia and the founding fathers had no concept of semi-automatic AR-15s.

We invited Dr. Thomas J. Mowen, criminologist, who researches school security and safety to sort through this issue.

He is an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at Bowling Green State University. He tells us he has published over 40 academic articles on this and related topics and has worked with the Department of Justice and National Institute of Justice in issue related to school security.

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