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Carey Schools opt for "Acts of Kindness" instead of walk-outs in response to school violence

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Carey Exempted Village schools are planning an "Acts of Kindness " week in response to the recent school shootings in Parkland, Florida and as a way to show support for violence-free schools.

The goal is to promote safety in the schools.

The school is calling the event a "lock in" as opposed to the "walk outs" that are planned at many schools across the country to protest school violence next week.

The "lock in" is meant to show the students and staff at the school are "standing their ground" and "longing for a safer learning environment".

The optional activities through the week include:

  • an invitation for students to sign a mural in the main hallway to show dedication to treating others with kindness
  • letter writing to others in the school who have positively affected their lives
  • a locking of arms between students, staff, faculty and administration to show unity 

Students are encouraged to wear red on Wednesday.

This is the message shared on the Carey Exempted Village Schools Facebook page on Tuesday.

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