Fulton County courthouse implementing new security measures for Worley trial

Fulton County courthouse implementing new security measures for Worley trial
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Monday will be a big day in the trial of the People vs. James Worley.
Not only will a jury be seated but opening statements are also scheduled to take place and the state will call the first witness.
But on Friday the courtroom was not in session.
Individual interviews of all the jurors wrapped up on Thursday.
The judge felt it was best to take a day off and get started Monday.

It's a major trial for Fulton County, and it's forcing the court and sheriffs office to step up their game.

Up until the start of the Worley trial there were no permanent security measures at the Fulton county Courthouse.

A metal detector at the entrance, security cameras playing out on ipads, and other measures being kept under wraps are now in place for the high profile case.

"We formulated how we would do this and manpower was one of the important things we needed for this job because of the size of the building and the amount of people coming in and out,
said Horst Wudi with the Fulton County Courthouse.

With the trial set to last for over a month the security detail was too much for the Fulton County Sheriff's Office to take on themselves.

Thats why police departments within the county and beyond are offering to donate their time here.

The overtime cost to us would have been astronomical so all the police chiefs here have offered to give us a guy for a day, said Fulton County Sheriff Roy Miller.

Wudi agrees.

Its greatly appreciated and its important to have enough people to do the job instead of having one police department or one sheriffs department do everything. The manpower is just not there for the flow of traffic to handle the people coming in and out of the courthouse for the past few days, said Wudi.

But besides keeping those safe here while the trial is underway, the security plan is being tested to see what measures will stay once a major renovation of the courthouse is completed.

We have been talking about security for the past two years so why not try it and we can see what works and what doesnt work and when it gets renovated what we need, said Sheriff Miller.

And although the new security procedures seem to be working, the sheriff is asking anyone who is headed down to the courthouse during the trial to watch or be part of it to leave all cell phones, drinks and food at home and to use the back entrance.


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