Rumor has it that Smucker's could sell its brands

Rumor has it that Smucker's could sell its brands
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The J.M. Smucker Company may soon be selling its baking brands. But nothing is etched in stone yet. For right now this is just speculation.

"There's a Bloomberg article that came out the other day and it pretty much hinted at the fact that there's a possible sale of the Smucker baking brands," said John Scott, the business manager of BCTGM Local 58G, a labor union that represents local Smucker workers in Toledo.

Those brands include Pillsbury cake mixes, products made in Toledo. The possible sale is right now is only rumor and speculation.

"It was deemed newsworthy enough to make national news at Bloomberg, so my view locally is that people should at least know and at least the elected officials locally should know this is Smucker's baking operation," said Scott.

The manufacturer on west Laskey Road employs roughly 220 people.

"It's my job to let the community know that you know that we represent these workers here and these are good paying union jobs in the area," Scott added.

Smucker bought Pillsbury as part of its acquisition of International Multifoods Corporation in 2004. Yet, those who represent local workers said few people know the plant is in Toledo.

"When you say Smucker, people think Schmuckers the pie place, and not Smucker's the manufacturing plant," said Scott. "We're not feeding into it like Smucker's is closing, you know what I mean, so we're not making that assumption, we just want people to at least know, you know, know that we're here."

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