Rossford Fire Department offering Knox Boxes for homes

Rossford Fire Department offering Knox Boxes for homes

ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - The Rossford Fire and Rescue Department is making sure crews have easy access to homes and business in the case of an emergency, all with the help of the Knox Box.

Knox boxes are fully sealed vaults attached to your home or business with a key inside, that only fire crews can access. It helps crews get into the building without having to break down any doors.

The Rossford Fire and Rescue Department is now making these available to homeowners.

Crews say Knox Boxes come in handy for senior citizens who live alone and do not want to leave a key outside. They add these boxes which are safe and secure.

"Most of the businesses build them into their brick facade so that they are secured, at least three side. They're very durable and the other thing that helps keep these tamper proof is that some locations actually help put a magnetic light or switch in their Knox Box so if you open it inadvertently, you'll activate their commercial or residential burglar alarm," said Chief Josh Drouard, Rossford Fire Chief.

More than 14,000 departments and governmental agencies across the United States have Knox Boxes. Rossford High School, for example, has one at its back entrance.

The cost for Knox Boxes is between $175 and $200 depending on color.

Anyone interested in buying one, can contact Assistant Chief Stautzenbach at 419 666 0210 ext 241 to discuss the options.

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