Final jury in The People vs. James Worley to be seated Monday

Final jury in The People vs. James Worley to be seated Monday
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FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - The jury was supposed to be picked and seated in the trial of The People vs. James Worley by Friday, but that is not happening.

However, the case is still running on schedule.

Jury selection for the trial has been happening all week, and has been a long and grueling process.

Honorable Judge Jeffery Robinson decided to seat the final jury on Monday rather than Friday, allowing everyone to have a day off to prepare final details before the trial officially begins on Monday.

The judge and courtroom staff were still at the courthouse today organizing the courtroom and preparing for the final 50 jurors. They were also making room for those who will be in the courtroom to watch the trial.

Court will be back in session March 12 at 8 a.m. The attorneys will work through 50 jurors until they have the final 12 seated, as well as the six alternates.

With this being a high-profile and capitol case, Judge Robinson wants more than just the regular two alternates to be prepared to take over in case a seated juror has to be excused.

The trial is expected to be long and difficult, given the evidence and testimony that is ahead. The state and defense have been preparing their cases for close to two years, and come Monday there's no turning back.

"I believe fully the amount of pressure is on those bringing this litigation, so I think you for your hard work. I can not say I am looking forward to this trial because I am not, but I'm certain that you will do a good job presenting this case. You have my respect," said Judge Robinson.

The plan is to have the jury seated by lunchtime and then begin jury instructions and witness testimony by Monday afternoon.

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