Substitute teachers trained for active shooter situations

Substitute teachers trained for active shooter situations
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There has been a lot of talk lately about school safety drills. It's one thing for teachers and staff who are in the same building all the time, but what about the substitute teachers who are visiting a different school every day? Could they react if there's an active shooter in the building?

Renhill Group has about 3,000 active substitute teachers in its system, statewide.

"We also offer them full access to active shooter training should they so choose to. And some of our districts do require them to complete ALICE training," said Renhill Account Manager, Bryan Heenan.

Heenan added that they include those in northwest Ohio that Renhill supplies subs to.

Heenan also said individual schools are asked to provide specific information to teachers when they come through the building each morning, like evacuation plans and building layouts.

"We want to make sure that in the numbers of districts that they could take up, in this area it could be upwards of a dozen, we want to make sure they feel safe in their environment as well as the schools feeling safe having them in their schools," said Heenan.

The Toledo Federation of Teachers supplies 400 substitutes to about 60 buildings district-wide. The union said there's been recent discussions to make sure all the subs are adequately trained.

Every two months, TFT offers orientation for substitutes, which includes a number of things, like ALICE training.

Following the shooting in Parkland, TFT is going back and making sure all subs received that training if they didn't.

"We want to reach out to those substitutes and offer them a training in a central location, that way when they do go to a building, they understand what ALICE means, they understand what it means for them and the students they're serving," said TFT President, Kevin Dalton.

The hope is, these substitutes will never need to use the training they receive.

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