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Nathaniel Cook to receive sex offender evaluation before release from prison

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One of two brothers who admitted to stalking, raping and killing young women in the 1980's is one step closer to walking out of prison.

Nathaniel Cook was back in Lucas County Common Pleas Court Thursday. He confessed to three murders in all with his older brother Anthony, the ringleader who is serving two life sentences.

But under a plea agreement hammered out by prosecutors and defense lawyers, Nathaniel would be freed after 20 years for admitting his guilt.

At the time the deal was approved by families of the victims.

In court, Judge Linda Jennings ordered Cook to receive a psychological evaluation to determine his status as a sex offender.

The evaluation will determine how often he will report to the court upon release.

It could be every 90 days or annually.

“If either the defense or state objects to it we can ask for another evaluation. If both accepts it then it will be submitted to the court and then the court will then make its decision. As far as a release date that will be up to Judge Jennings when and if she decides to address the matter,”said Lucas County Prosecutor Jeff Lingo.

Evaluation results are expected back by April 19th. That is also when Nathaniel Cook’s next court appearance is scheduled.

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