Editorial: Bishop Thomas on agreement between ProMedica, Capital Care Network

My dear dad was found of saying, "Common sense is not so common!"

The recent decision of ProMedica's Board of Trustees to enter into a transfer agreement with Capital Care Network, Toledo's last remaining abortion facility, just doesn't make sense.

The mission of any hospital is life-saving health care for each and every person; this is just common sense.

That good, dedicated and competent doctors, nurses, staff and volunteers of a hospital daily pour themselves out to heal and sustain life, is just good common sense.

It's common sense that ProMedica's hospital doors are already open, without an agreement, to heal and save anyone, especially a pregnant woman in crisis.

The only thing ProMedica's signing the transfer agreement does is keep Capital Care Network in business and their doors open to abort unborn children and wound their mothers and fathers.

That's not health care; it's anything but common sense.

I invite all people of good will who value common sense to join me in asking the members of the ProMedica board to reverse their decision and recommit themselves to the shared mission of all medical professionals: to heal and sustain life from its beginning to its natural end.

As Pope Francis has said: "In all its phases and at every age, human life is always sacred and always of quality. And not as a matter of faith, but of reason and science." That's just good common sense!