U.S. EPA releases action plan for Lake Erie

U.S. EPA releases action plan for Lake Erie
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The US EPA released an action plan for Lake Erie Wednesday, but, area water activists are saying, this has no teeth.

There were 119 pages were published outlining how we can clean up our lake over the next five years.

It includes topics like best management practices for farmers and phosphorus reduction runoff goals.

But, State Representative Teresa Fedor thinks, it doesn't mean much.

"The US EPA failed us in our district and all the people who live along Lake Erie," said Democrat Fedor.

Frank Szollosi with the National Wildlife Federation echoes Feder saying without an impaired designation there is no accountability.

He said the goals are great, but there is no legal backstop in this document.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder made a push, declaring the Lake impaired in 2016, now these leaders want the same.

Now, these leaders want the same.

"Lake Erie on their side, the open water is impaired, and lake Erie doesn't have a wall, the water in Michigan comes to Ohio," said Fedor.

By April 1st, Governor Kasich is required to submit a list of impaired waters to the US EPA. Szollosi is urging for Lake Erie on the list.

"Acknowledge reality and indicate that it is impaired by nutrients, if we don't get a handle on that the cost to these utilities and ultimately the rate payers are going to continue to go up," said Szollosi.

Szollosi said he thinks there is a chance Kasich will go for it, and if the Governor doesn't, he said his fight continues.

"After our people, it would be hard pressed to find an asset more valuable to this region than our water," said Szollosi.

You can view the U.S. EPA document here.

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