First-time voters react to the Ohio Democratic Gubernatorial Debate

First-time voters react to the Ohio Democratic Gubernatorial Debate
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The race to be Ohio's next governor is on.

WTOL 11 hosted the first gubernatorial debate Wednesday night at Bowsher High School.

The four Democratic Candidates in the state's Gubernatorial Race had the opportunity to differentiate themselves from each other to the audience of voters, but not just longtime democratic voters but also first time voters.

"We have a political history club and we're very involved in like every, anything we can get involved in honestly and right now it's the governor's race," said first-time voter, 18-year-old Emma Crissman from Lordestown High School.

One of the issues that weigh heavily for  the ripe voters is the need for common sense gun control.

"We do need to take steps forward with that to make sure that it's harder to get those things and even ban assault rifles and stuff like that because I feel like it's just not needed, it's dangerous to kids in school and just everybody," said first-time voter, 18-year-old Max Schubert from  Matthews High School.

In addition to common sense gun control, the legalization of marijuana is an important issue to these new voters as well.

"I do think that if it was legalized it would lower some problems with getting jobs and stuff and we can focus on the opioids and the bigger problems," Crissman said.

The four candidates; longtime politician Dennis Kucinich, Ohio Supreme Court Judge Bill O'Neill, former Director of the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Richard Cordray and Ohio State Senator Joe Schiavoni agree something needs to be done about gun control but not on the solutions.

Their stance on medical and recreational marijuana is also polarizing.

However, all four agree that the health of Lake Erie is a major issue and public education in Ohio needs reform.

Another heated moment during the debate occurred when labor unions already announced their support of specific candidates.

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