Governor Kasich's final State of the State Address

Governor Kasich's final State of the State Address

Westerville, OH (WTOL) - Governor John Kasich addressed the buckeye state for the last time as Governor Tuesday evening.

The campus at Otterbein University was covered with American flags and blue ribbons for the State of the State Address from Governor Kasich.

The university is located in Westerville, which is not just there Governor's hometown but also where two police officers were shot last month.

In addition to the blue ribbons across campus there was also a large police presence.

Before his final State of the State, Governor Kasich was relaxed. He joked that he may not even shave.

From the beginning, the governor said his speech would be a unique state of the state. And that was true. He spent a majority of his time speaking about values.

"I've mentioned respect for others. Live a life a little bigger than ourselves," said Governor Kasich.

His message of love, compassion, humility, respect, forgiveness and justice was received differently.

"You know what I thought he did a great job.I thought it was very moving and very important to make those comments at a time like this," said State Rep District 3 Theresa Gavarone.

Governor John Kasich touched briefly on several different topics from mental illness to human trafficking and more but stayed true to how values have guided the state.

"We are proud to be Ohioans. We are more hopeful, we are more united and we have set a course to follow. Ohio is back and Ohio is strong again ladies and gentleman," the governor said during his speech.

He mentioned that hope is in us and in our millennials who earned his courage awards. He said while it's been a journey the jobs not over.

"And to my friends and of course my beloved family and the team, together we have a world to change," he said.

Of course one of the virtues he mentioned was being able to come together. Something evident here in Westerville after two officers were killed on the job. He hopes Ohioans can come together as we move forward.

Governor Kasich is term limited.

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