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Is The Threat For Snow This Season Ending?

You likely already have it, spring fever. We will be hoping for warmer days to come but if history says anything about our future the threat for winter weather is far from over. 

Obviously we get snow in March, in fact 93-percent of years we have snowfall in March. But what about later in the season? Believe it or not April is another active month for snow. We have recorded snowfall in April 60-percent of the years since snow records have been kept in the 1800's in Toledo. On average we receive 1" of snowfall each April. What about May? How late into the season does the snow threat go? May snow is very rare. Only 4-percent of all May's have recorded snowfall in Toledo. The latest date for snowfall ever was May 13th, 1912.

So we will keep hoping for warmer days ahead but realize a threat for snowfall is likely far from over. 

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