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SFWC: Grocery Store Race Challenge

Hitting the gym to lose weight can be tough, but so can shopping for healthy foods. 

Weight loss challengers Shirley Menier, Michelle Wingate and Gary Reno found out just how tough it is during the Grocery Store Race challenge. 

The three challengers were tasked with racing through Walt Churchill's market in Perrysburg to fill their carts with items for a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.

This may not sound too hard, expect for the challengers only got one minute and 30 seconds to complete the challenge.

Nutrition coach Brian Strock says one tip to make grocery shopping healthy is to not go shopping when you are hungry. He also advises you to make a list of the week that includes healthy, low-fat proteins, healthy carbs like beans, brown rice and sweet potatoes and lots of fruits and vegetables.

Reno was the challenge winner, and go to go home with his cart full of groceries. Wingate and Menier received gift cards.

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