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Money Talks News - From pet-sitting to driving for Uber, the opportunities to make extra money have exploded in recent years. There is now an appetizing idea of making money by grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping is something we all have to do. Or do we?

"Not anymore," Robert Murray shopper for Shipt said. "At this time, you have someone like me who's willing to go and do all your grocery shopping for you and bring them right to your door."

Murray is a high school lacrosse coach in the afternoon, professional grocery shopper in the morning. He works for Shipt, a shopping service.

He recently purchased a new car, that he is paying for with his side gig.

"I make approximately 18 to 22 dollars an hour," Murray explained. "It really depends on how busy and popular the week is that week."

The company Murray works for, Shipt, is one of many new companies that use apps to connect people looking for extra money with people willing to pay for convenience.

Other shopping services include peapod and instacart. They make money with markups on whatever it is they are delivering.

All of these services need someone just like Murray. The downside? These services are not all across the country. You are more likely to find a job like this in major metro areas.

Another thing you have to consider, too, is that they are looking for a certain type of person.

"I do pretty well because I think I approach it with the same mind frame as I do with coaching," Murray said. "I have a great game plan going into it, I am high energy and I am a great people person."

If grocery delivery is not your cup of tea, then find something more appetizing.

From driving for Uber to online teaching to pet sitting, there are dozens of ways to make extra money these days that did not exist just a few years ago.

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