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17-year-old Sylvania student charged with Inducing Panic after bomb threat

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A 17-year-old Sylvania High School student was taken into custody by the police on Friday and charged with Felony Inducing Panic according to an email sent to parents by Superintendent Adam Fineske on Sunday.

The charge stemmed from a bomb threat that was made on Thursday night.

Fineske said the motivation for the threat was the desire to have a day off from school.

According to the email the student was booked into the Lucas County Juvenile Detention Center.

School was not closed on Friday after police and a K9 unit swept the school for bombs and declared it safe.

Fineske also says all students in grades 6 through 12 have received a warning regarding the continued “no tolerance” policy for all threats to school safety and security as outlined by the school board policy on student discipline.

Fineske encouraged parents to talk with their kids and remind them that even spreading untrue rumors or gossip on social media can lead to strong disciplinary consequences.

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