CMU students respond to shooting incident on campus

CMU students respond to shooting incident on campus
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Mount Pleasent, Michigan - It was a day of fear for Central Michigan University students and their parents as they waited to learn if campus was safe after a double homicide took place Friday morning inside a dorm.

While the gunman, as of Friday night, still has more than 100 officers searching for him, several students were able to reunite with their family and leave the area.

Mount Pleasant's Comfort Inn was where parents could reunite with their CMU students after a day described as terror.

One student said he was just a floor above the shooting and was sleeping at the time, but woke up to the chaos.

"It's just a real tragedy," said Mateo Savedra, a junior at CMU living in Campbell Hall. "It just seems like, it's almost getting to the point where it's a normal thing and it shouldn't be."

Mateo and his roommate were locked down for several hours. He now is reunited with family but this affected him deeply.

"It seems like it's all too common. It's one of those things that you don't think it can happen here, but it can happen anywhere," added Savedra. "So I think this is something we need to be aware of and it's just disappointing. Just really disheartening to hear that, that kind of thing happened right here."

Friday was the last day before spring break. Something Morgan and Kaelyn were excited about until the day took a terrifying turn across the street from their dorm.

"It's scary because we didn't know where he was at," explained Kaelyn Maurer, a freshman at CMU. "Like he could have just left and like came to our dorm or like been around where we were at."

Kaelyn's mother also works at Central Michigan University and said when she got the campus alert, there was instant panic.

"Just you go in waves of fear and you know, wishing you could reach out to the people you know are on lockdown," said Julie Maurer, a mother and CMU employee. "You know they are probably safe, but just really scary."

Police are continuing their search for the suspect and community members said they are alert, but for Mateo something else must be done.

"It's just time that we all need to come together. What I'm going to be doing, moving forward, is just trying to take a stand and make sure it doesn't happen again," said Mateo Savedra.

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