Sylvania schools' parent organization talks safety and security

Sylvania schools' parent organization talks safety and security
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SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Parents and guardians of children in Sylvania schools are more informed now about the district's safety and security measures. The school's parent organization held a meeting Friday to talk about safety plans. The meeting was planned months ago.

Dozens of parents showed up at McCord Road Christian Church in Sylvania for the safety and security meeting. It was held at the church because the turnout was expected to be higher than usual.

The meeting outlined the safety plan in place for Sylvania schools, which for security reasons cannot be revealed. Police also presented an overview of ALICE Training Techniques.

"We have worked very hard over since 2011 with our safety and security team to make sure that our schools are safe," said Dr. Adam Fineske, Superintendent of Sylvania Schools.

Fineske said he feels confident in the schools safety plan.

"We have great things in place but everything's on the table moving forward to continue to make sure safety's a top priority and that students are safe everyday in our 12 school buildings," he explained.

The Sylvania Schools Parent Organization includes representatives from the 12 schools in the district.

Ann Francis is a mother of two and president of the parents organization.

"Just this morning I talked with my daughter about it. She has a substitute teacher today and she was concerned that her teacher might not know what to do if there was a school shooting, and I assured her that the substitute teachers are also very well trained," said Francis.

The school system wants to reassure students and their families that safety is the number one priority.

"I hope that people feel that Sylvania has a very strong safety plan," Fineske said.

The Sylvania Schools Parent Organization meets monthly.

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