Delta girl spreads kindness by cleaning up local cemetery

Delta girl spreads kindness by cleaning up local cemetery
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DELTA, OH (WTOL) - Addison Sharp, 7, rides her bike with her brother and sister, about a half mile to the cemetery down the street. It started when Addison wanted to go with her brother Steven to visit a friend of his who died, but it turned into something else.

"I come up here and pick up everything that falls," said Addison. She's talking about the flowers and other mementos people leave at grave sites. Addison also noticed some trash that had been tossed about the cemetery and started picking it up.

"It's disrespectful," Addison says.

Addison's kind acts spill out into her daily activities. Her mom and her teachers said she has a big heart and she makes sure no one is left out.

When she sees another kid sitting by themselves, "I go and play with them," she said. "Because they're lonely."

It's simple for Addison.

"Treat other people how they want to be treated," she said.

Steven said he's proud of his little sister who's helping to spread a little kindness, especially at a time when we all need a little bit of positivity.

"She's really kind. She'll do anything to make someone smile or laugh," he explained.

In fact, she's inspiring. Addison and Steven are asking others to do a little something to help others.

"A small thing can go really big for somebody," Steven said,

What Addison has done in the cemetery down the street from her home is making a big difference for the families of hundreds of loved ones.

Addison also has big plans for her birthday this year. Instead of presents, she'll be collecting items for the homeless.

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