Money Talks News: Best and worst things to buy in March

Money Talks News - Every month there are shopping deals and duds out at the stores. So what are the best March buys?

Well, if your sweet tooth wasn't satisfied on Valentine's Day, now's the time to find deals on leftover chocolate. March is also National Frozen Food Month, so look for deals in your grocer's freezer.

Then there's winter apparel. The deals are hot on cold weather clothes.

Those are some of your best deals for the month. But what about duds? What should you avoid buying this month?

One thing to skip this month is lingerie:It's better to purchase such items in June and July when Victoria's secret does its semi-annual sale.

Another thing to wait for: Spring clothing. Right now is too early in the season for big bargains.

Shopping for a phone? Wait a bit longer. It's Mobile World Congress time. That means new phones are being rolled out and older models are about to get cheaper. Wait a month or two for deals.

For more deals and duds for the month of March. go to the Money Talks News website and do a search for "Deals."

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