New group wants questions answered about proposed regional water authority

New group wants questions answered about proposed regional water authority
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Area leaders signed a memorandum of understanding regarding regional water on January 31st.

The authority would join together all existing suburban communities who currently contract for water with the city of Toledo. The authority would then manage, operate and set water rates.

The memorandum gives each community the opportunity to discuss it's contents, receive public input then decide whether to join the authority.

"I find nothing in this proposal as it's presently proposed that is good for Toledo and our future" according to Dave Nuendorff, a member of the newly formed group Protect our Water.

Members aren't opposed to a water authority. They just have questions that need answered.

Case in point: Toledo will lose out when it's water plant, valued they say at a billion dollars, is sold to suburban communities at a fraction of its value.

"So get off your high horse out in suburbia. Look at the city of Toledo as the most important part of the machinery called Northwest Ohio and give us a fair offer if you're serious" according to POW member and former Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

Protect Our Water also claims water rates would skyrocket for major companies and senior citizens.

"But this city with a quarter of its citizens living in poverty doesn't deserve to be shafted by folks who have chosen to live in  suburban Toledo' said Finkbeiner.

Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz this week announced he wants Toledoans to vote in November on whether to join the authority.

The Toledo City Council though must approve taking the issue to the people.

"And I would say I would urge them to vote 'nay' because the interested parties haven't put any money on the table worth seriously considering" added Finkbeiner.

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