Three local colleges collab for future professionals in high demanding fields

Three local colleges collab for future professionals in high demanding fields

FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - A new partnership between three local colleges is expected to make our region a destination for future professionals in two high demand fields.

"We feel like we have a unique opportunity in northwest Ohio to really capitalize on two issues that are really serious issues for the state and the world, being water and cyber," said State Representative Bill Reineke.

Reineke helped announce the new Ohio Partnership for Water, Industrial, and Cyber Security. It is a collaboration between Heidelberg University's water quality program, and Tiffin University and Terra State Community College's cyber security programs.

With the increasing demand for qualified personnel in these fields, and with programs already in place at these schools, the new state funded partnership will offer a more robust program than the individual schools could alone.

"When you look at what are some of the fastest growing majors and needs for study, cyber security/homeland security is a big part of that, water quality is a big part of that," said Dr. Lillian Schumacher, the president of Tiffin University.

"And by having all three schools coming together in this shared partnership, we especially on our end can build up more education for the workforce, undergraduate and graduate learning opportunities," said President, Robert Huntington, of Heidelberg University.

The hope is the new partnership can build a destination for anyone studying to work in these fields, while also driving the industries in the state.

"We're seeing that it's really going to launch northwest Ohio as a regional hub for education in cyber security as well as water quality and water safety. And that is really critical as a nation  and for the state of Ohio," said Jerome Webster, the president of Terra State Community College.

The new partnership begins receiving it's first round of state funding on July 1st.

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