ODOT prepared to transition from rain to snow

ODOT prepared to transition from rain to snow
(Source: Ohio Department of Transportation)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Storms like this, where the weather changes, can be tricky for road crews to maintain.

With the rain falling so hard Thursday morning, crews couldn't take preventative measures like laying down salt or brine ahead of the snow.

Fortunately, the ground temperature is still warm enough in most of our area to keep the snow from accumulating quickly. Much of the snowy mix will run off the roads initially, with the salt trucks close behind to keep us safe.

Rebecca Dangelo, Public Information Officer for ODOT District 2 covering northwest Ohio explained their process this time of year.

"They are ready to switch back and forth at any time. When it's not snowing and we're treating the roads for snow and ice we're doing maintenance work. So, we're doing pothole patching, we're cleaning up litter, we're making sure that everything is ready for the summer projects to come in. But, at a moment's notice, ready to get back out there for snow and ice," said Dangelo.

As a reminder, no matter whether it is snow or ice falling in your part of town, with the wet roadways and high winds, if you have to be on the roads, it is safest to take it slow.

ODOT also wants to remind drivers that if you see the plows to stay back and give them plenty of space to work, especially since they drive even slower than most other vehicles on the road.

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