St. John's students, multiple organizations set out to renovate house for family of 11

St. John's students, multiple organizations set out to renovate house for family of 11

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - They set out to feed those in need in Central Toledo, but now students from St. John's Jesuit are working to renovate a  house for a family who they couldn't walk away from.

This special group of high school students witnessed first-hand the deplorable, dangerous conditions that a family of 11 including seven children were living in.

"It was scary seeing it in Toledo because its something you see in other parts of the world or other parts of the country," said Ethan Hittler, a St. John's student.

Students apart of The Labra Project at St. John's immediately took action.

They teamed up with UT Community Care and Historic South Initiative, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to building up homes and neighborhoods on the south side.

This house was purchased from the Lucas County Landbank and gutted.

"Where this family use to live, is like the Taj Mahal compared to where they were living ,so this will just be a complete upgrade ," said Phil Skeldon, the St. John's Christian Service Directer.

It's clear that  a lot of work needs to be done, including taking down the paneling from the ceiling.

Everything about the task at hand truly makes it a community project, with the different organizations coming together, teamed up with volunteers as well as donations from big time companies.

The project is estimated at around $80,000 grand, with the work expected to be complete in four months from March.

"It's going to be a new house in an old skin we really have to do everything from plumbing to utilities," explained Bob Welly with the Historic South Initiative.

The St. John's students have been fund raising to help with the renovation of the four bedroom two bath home. And while contractors work on the inside, students will help to clean this neighborhood up.

"We are meant to help others that's our motto. So helping other people is what we do," said Ethan.

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