Viral Facebook post celebrates teens who helped homeless man

Viral Facebook post celebrates teens who helped homeless man

WHITEFORD TWP, MI (WTOL) - "It's good to see like some good stuff can happen over one picture," said Isaac Reed, a student at Whiteford High School.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for Isaac, Zach and DeShaun it was easy.

"It's every day that you'll see somebody like less fortunate, but we were just like hey, lets just do it today," said Isaac Reed, 16. "We were just feeling good about it."

A picture of three Whiteford High School students is going viral online for helping someone in need. The photo was posted on Facebook just a few days ago and has more than 64,000 shares all over the county.

"Not a lot of people help out anymore," said DeShaun Williams, a 17-year-old Whiteford student seen in the photo. "A lot of people are kind of honestly selfish or they don't want to spend their time or spend any money to help out anyone in need because then they feel like 'oh if they are so busy standing on the corner why can't they just get a job,' but we just felt like we should have helped out. We felt like it was the right thing to do."

The three never expected their kind deed to be seen, let alone shared more than 60,000 times on Facebook. The original post calls for people to stop making kids who hurt others famous and instead celebrate the helpers.

"I looked at it and within three hours we had over 30,000 likes and shares," explained Williams.

"People all the way from the UK are messaging me saying like you guys did good and like be proud of yourselves and all that it's just crazy," said Reed.

It was a normal Sunday when the three guys were at the corner of Jackman and Alexis stopped at a red light. They noticed a man on the sidewalk who needed help and decided to pull into a nearby gas station. That's where they decided to get out of the car, talk to the homeless man and give him what money they had.

"He said 'Thank you so much, God bless you,' and I don't know it just felt, like it just got me like I felt really good about it," said Zach Renaud, a 16-year-old student at Whiteford seen in the viral photo.

Isaac, Zach and DeShaun now get greeted for their good deed all over town. Despite the pothole damage to their car after the incident, the three say they would do it again. They hope their one viral act of kindness spreads especially during a time we could use it most.

"If more people even if they're like younger than us like 13 or like any age, you can still like have a big impact by doing this kind of stuff," said Renaud.

"If we can teach little ones now, then we can have them grow up and hopefully not live in a world that's so cruel anymore," explained Williams.

The teens viral post is just the beginning, Isaac, Zach and DeShaun have plans to create a YouTube channel where they serve those in need and share their experiences for others.

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