ALERT DAY: Thursday looks Nasty

ALERT DAY: Thursday looks Nasty

The weather is going to make an about face Thursday.

An ALERT DAY is up for rainy, windy, cold weather...even some snow!

Thursday Noon: soaking rain will combine with a strong east wind.
Temperatures will be in the 30s, wind chills at lunchtime 25-30 degrees.

Thursday 3:00 PM: rain may mix with snowflakes. Any snow at this time will
likely melt on impact in the Toledo area with temperatures near 35 degrees.

Thursday 6:00 PM: winds at this time will shift to due north gusting over 40 mph.
Evening snow may total up to one inch, though again will have trouble sticking.

Temperatures will be in the 30s all day long in the Toledo area.
Windy and damp conditions will make this a bone chilling first of March.

Rain over 1" will be common across northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

Any snow will be slushy with minor accumulations likely by 11:00 PM.

The strongest wind gusts (over 40 mph) in Toledo will be near 6:00 PM.

Robert Shiels WTOL