Group wants Christian mural removed from Findlay City Hall

Group wants Christian mural removed from Findlay City Hall
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FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - A national activist group has demanded the City of Findlay remove a mural featuring a passage from the bible from their administration building.

"We do believe in a higher power, and regardless of what religion you practice, it's okay to have that conversation here. And I certainly don't find the mural offensive, and I'm not sure why anyone would," Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik said.

The mural, featuring a passage from Psalms 91 on the third floor of Findlay's Municipal Building was painted by volunteers nearly six years ago.

Earlier this month, the city received this letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, saying it is inappropriate for a government entity to display a religious message.

Going further, it says by endorsing a particular religion, it sends a message to non-adherents that the city favors Christians. But Mayor Mihalik says other religions are more than welcome to add art themselves.

"And I say yes, the more the merrier," Mayor Mihalik said. "If there are other groups that want to have artists put together paintings that depict something that is representative of a different religion other than Christianity, I'm okay with that,"

The letter claims the city violates the first amendment, and demands the city take it down. But Mayor Mihalik says the group has no legal grounds to make any demands and will leave the mural where it is.

"We have not been told by any court of law or anybody with legal authority to remove the painting," Mayor Mihalik explained. "And so until that happens, which I think would be a really long time from now even if it did happen, then the painting is going to stay where it is."

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