Spring is around the corner and Toledo Metroparks are coming alive

Spring is around the corner and Toledo Metroparks are coming alive

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Spring is in the air, and the signs are pretty evident at Toledo Metroparks.

Naturalists at Wildwood Preserve Metropark said the frogs are starting to sing and migratory birds are coming back.

Visitors can spot the red bellied woodpecker, the hairy woodpecker and gold finch. Naturalists also say while winter is peaceful at Wildwood, it's during the spring that everything comes alive.

"The red maple flowers began to bud really soon. They don't look like a typical flower to most people, but they have a real sweet smell that will kinda linger in the air it smells like an ice home baked cookie or something so you can look for that at the end of February," said Kim High, a Metroparks naturalist. "And then the song of the Red Wing blackbird is the sound of a loud bird that comes. That's a real good time of spring too."

Naturalists at Wildwood Metropark said Hepaica flowers are one of the first to bloom. In about two weeks, those flowers will have pretty purple petals.

The park's playground was also full of kids and their families Tuesday. People were out and about walking their dogs and going for a run.

And over at middle grounds metro park, the geese have started to find their way back to the water.

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