Home safety tips while you're gone on Spring Break

Home safety tips while you're gone on Spring Break
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SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - With spring break just around the corner, many are planning trips to somewhere warm.

But before the suitcases are packed and zipped, travelers should think about couple things before they take off, such as protecting their house while they're away.

Making sure that you are not the victim of a crime while away should be on top of anyone's list who is leaving for a trip. Sylvania police said the key to assure your house's safety, is to make it look like someone is at your house.

Some ways to do this is stop mail and newspapers from being delivered while you're gone, putting timers on your lights or even having neighbors bring your trash cans from the curb.

Also parking an extra car in the driveway can help along with letting neighbors and others you trust, know that you are leaving town.

Small communities like Sylvania offer police to patrol past your home during your vacation time as apart of their watch list. It's free service that offers a peace of mind.

"Officers even look for things like water damage or an animal problem. If something isn't right they will contact the homeowner," explained Captain Rick Schnoor with the Sylvania Police Department.

Captain Schnoor said an alarm system and even security cameras are ideal because they can be used to periodically check in on your house or at least to have video evidence if someone does break in.

It's also important to make sure there is a deadbolt on all exterior doors including the garage door. It's another subtle measure to to keep your home safe.

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