Rossford City Council tables discussion regarding roundabout

Rossford City Council tables discussion regarding roundabout

ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - The city of Rossford is once again putting plans on hold to build a $2.5 million roundabout.

City council tabled the discussion Monday night on the proposed plan that involves the intersections of Lime City Road, Colony Road and State Route 65.

The roundabout was previously approved by council in 2017.

A resolution to stop planning and design work on the roundabout has been introduced. This new resolution would stop work on the project but council members say it has only received the second reading.

One council member says the city needs to think about different projects instead of the roundabout.

"Prioritization of projects is required. To my opinion, to the voters I've talked to and the businesses I've talked to, the priorities are fix our streets first. Pay for these items extra," Robert Densic of Rossford City Council said.

The city expects to receive $620,000 in grant money for the project but the rest will come from a bond.

Council members say the final reading, discussion and vote on the resolution by council will occur at their March 12 meeting.

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