Anna, the comfort dog from Toledo, still in Florida

Anna, the comfort dog from Toledo, still in Florida
(Source: Nancy Borders)

Parkland, FL (WTOL) - The Toledo comfort dog, Anna, continues to serve the people devastated by the Florida tragedy.

No pictures could be taken of her with students who returned to the school Sunday to pick up backpacks and other items they had to leave behind

However, there are photos of her with school counselors, staff members and school board members.

She and her handlers have been in Parkland since a few days after the shootings and they describe what it was like when students came up to her Sunday.

"They would just drop to the ground for the most part and just hug on Anna and pet her and want to talk about her. And so many of them thanked us for being there," Anna's handler Nancy Borders said. "Some of them, I assume, may not have even cried until they hugged her and were able to release that tension."

Anna will head back to Toledo and Trinity Lutheran Church later this week.

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