Prosecutor's office taking every threat to a school seriously

Prosecutor's office taking every threat to a school seriously

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Local authorities said in the days following a mass shooting at a school, like the one in Florida, it is not surprising when a threat is made locally.

There have been threats, or possible threats, made to many schools in our area from rural areas like Archbold to Perrysburg.

"Every time we have one of the big shootings somewhere unfortunately, we get one or two," Lucas County Juvenile Prosecutor Lori Olender said. "We've never had this kind of influx."

The Lucas County Prosecutor's Office says they have never seen this number of threats made in the Toledo area after a shooting.

"The state is having a hard time, sometimes, wrapping its brain around what these kids are thinking," Prosecutor Olender said.

Since the shooting in Florida, Lucas County has made four arrests and a fifth is being summoned to court.

"Not one of these youths have had a prior record by the way, I think that's important to say," Prosecutor Olender noted. "Nobody has had a prior record."

In one case, a 17-year-old male allegedly made threats in person to a teacher at the Maritime Academy. He is now facing misdemeanor charges.

Another case involves a 16-year-old female allegedly making threats on social media threatening to shoot up the school. She is now facing a third degree felony for making terrorist threats.

Prosecutor Olender says regardless of the type of threat, her office is treating the seriousness of the threats the same.

"I don't know what the government can do to stop it," she said. "Except to make sure we hold them and that they understand and that other kids in the community understand that they are going to be held accountable for it."

Prosecutor Olender says parents are already on edge about the sending their kids to school. It is their job to help maintain the safety and security, even if that means using these cases as an example to students.

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