FIRST ALERT: A Bit of Everything This Week

FIRST ALERT: A Bit of Everything This Week

A chance to dry out early in the week will give way to
soaking rains by Thursday and Thursday night...

Tuesday will bring brilliant sunshine, Wednesday and Thursday rain.

Highs near 60 degrees will help spread spring fever Tuesday.

Any rain Wednesday will be relatively light compared to downpours Thursday.

On Tuesday temperatures will hit 50 degrees during the lunch hour.

Afternoon highs will range from near 60 to the lower 60s
even right up to the lake shore areas like Port Clinton and Sandusky.

Rainfall amounts from Wednesday through Friday morning will likely reach
over one inch.  Some spots may reach totals close to 2 inches.

The weekend is looking dry, though rather chilly even for early March.

Note low temperatures in the 20s both Saturday and Sunday.

Robert Shiels WTOL