SFWC: Healthy grocery shopping

SFWC: Healthy grocery shopping

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Super Fitness Weigh Loss challengers are trimming down with the help of coaches that have worked with them since their weight loss journey started in October.

To lose weight, it takes a combination of working out and eating right. The coaches can help both the contests and you when it comes to nutrition and grocery shopping the healthy way.

Super Fitness coach Brian Strock says the first thing you want to do is make sure you are well-fed before you come to the store. You don't want to go grocery shopping hungry.

Next, make sure you have a good list and get the foods you need for the week. Strock recommends starting in the produce department and loading up on healthy fruits and veggies.

He says to look for lots of colorful things in the produce section, such as cucumbers, some good fruits filled with fiber and veggies with lots of substance in them.

Then you'll want to head over to the meat department to pick up some protein. Strock says chicken breasts, cod, tilapia and salmon, which is rich in omega 3, are some good options.

Storck says ground turkey is an excellent alternative to fatty red meat. However if you're not careful, ground turkey can sometimes be just as fatty as ground beef. Pick up ground turkey that is 93 or 99-percent lean.

Next on the list is your carbohydrate sources. You may already have a sweet potato if you've been to the vegetable isle, so now you should be looking for brown rice or white rice.

Strock says avoid bread when trying to lose weight, as it has too much enriched wheat flour and additives in it. Dairy is also something to be careful of, as it is a higher fat source and a lot of people have trouble digesting dairy.

Last but not least, Strock says you want to make sure you're eating enough eggs. And avoid the chips, no matter what!

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