Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: February 22, 2018

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Ohio will elect a new governor this year. We can say that with certainty as John Kasich cannot seek re-election.

Multiple candidates are running for governor on each side of the political aisle. We sat down with one of them.

Senator Joe Schiavoni grew up on Youngstown's south side. He was a golden gloves boxer in high school, graduated from Ohio University and earned a law degree from Capital University.

Senator Schiavoni was selected to join the Ohio Senate in 2008 when an incumbent won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Senator Schiavoni has twice been elected to his 33rd district senate seat and cannot run again.

He's seeking the Democratic nomination for governor in the upcoming May primary.

We sat down and asked Senator Schiavoni if he is feeling pressure from the Democratic party or the Richard Cordray ticket to drop out of the race, as former candidate and State Representative Connie Pillich had done just days earlier.

Additionally, some Ohio House Republicans had just rolled out a proposal for a sweeping overhaul of Ohio's educational structure, one which would dramatically weaken the State Board of Education.

We asked Senator Schiavoni how he viewed that move.

This month is Black History Month.

The first celebration of this month took place, in many of our lifetimes, at Kent State University in 1970. Six years later, the month began being celebrated across the country during America's bi-centennial.

Every year, events are held and we send our news cameras out to cover them. But we wondered if we are really taking the time anymore to grasp the significance of Black History Month.

It is not without its controversy, however. No less than Morgan Freeman has opined against Black History Month saying black history is American history. Some decry the fact that it is only a month.

One of the bright young men of Toledo, media and technology entrepreneur Will Lucas has received a great deal of national recognition.

He is a member of the University of Toledo Board of Trustees, a member of the Ohio Casino Control Commission and currently serves on the Ohio Martin Luther King, Junior, Commission.

In our efforts to recognize and celebrate civil rights pioneers like Dr. King, we asked Lucas if we have somehow sterilized the truth or rewritten history by making him something of a celebrity.

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