Metropark paths drying out after rainy week

Metropark paths drying out after rainy week
Wildwood boardwalk on Wednesday (Source: WTOL)
Wildwood boardwalk on Friday (Source: WTOL)
Wildwood boardwalk on Friday (Source: WTOL)

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - You could call it an annual tradition at Toledo-area Metroparks like Wildwood and Sidecut.

many of Metroparks Toledo's land includes flood plains and with the Maumee River Swan Creek and Ottawa River all above flood stage this week it goes without saying that some paths look more like streams then a place you can walk.

On Wednesday the boardwalk at Wildwood was flooded.

Conditions are much better than earlier this week on the boardwalk.  The water is now below the path.

The boardwalk at Wildwood is now open but expect some of your favorite trails in low-lying areas, especially at Sidecut and Providence, to still be closed.

"There are trails here and there that are closed and just because they are open doesn't mean that they are dry so you probably are going to encounter muddy conditions and it sounds like we will have more rain," said Scott Carpenter with Metroparks Toledo.

So plan accordingly when you take advantage of the warmer weather to take a walk or run at the park.

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