Police investigating Whitmer High School threat

Police investigating Whitmer High School threat

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Three Washington Local Schools closed Friday due to a security threat. Now police are trying to figure out who made that threat to Whitmer Senior High School.

Classes were canceled at Whitmer, Jefferson Junior High and Washington Junior High school. All on campus activities were also canceled.

"Our parents are concerned, our students are concerned, we are concerned" said Susan Hayward, Washing Local Schools Superintendent.

The school district is anxiously waiting for more information from police about the person or people responsible for sending out a threat via Snapchat. The eight elementary schools remained open Friday with extra security. The threat specifically targeted Whitmer, which is on the same campus as the two junior high schools.

"It is very nice to know that the school isn't just gonna like push it by and say 'oh it's fine whatever because when that happens,' if it does happen, then it's really bad," said Gabe Flatheverhard, a student at the school.

Next month the school district will be inviting students and their families to an event where they will review safety procedures.

The person who made that threat to Whitmer High has not been located or identified by a real name but rather  by "B Shooter 15." Police say it appears that this individual is intimately familiar with Whitmer High School.

The school district will be taking part in an on-site security audit with Toledo Police on Monday. On March 13, it will hold a community engagement night to review safety procedures.

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