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ProMedica Headquarters reopens after being evacuated after white powdery substance found in envelope

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Things are back to normal at ProMedicas junction building after an emergency that caused more than 350 people to be evacuated this Friday afternoon. 

On the third floor, at ProMedica's junction a ProMedica employee opened an envelop that contained a white powder. There was a fan on which dispersed that agent. 

Immediately they evacuated and called authorities.

Three employees were taken for medical attention who showed no signs or symptoms but were taken for precaution. 

TFD, Hazmat and TPD were all on scene.  They did keep about ten other employees for contamination and safety concerns. 

Once hazmat entered the building, they gathered the envelope and tested the agent and found nothing at the time, but the investigation continues.

"We're going by what the initial reports were from the people that said they had some type of exposure. We're taking the worse case scenario stance and working out way back. So again when we talk hazmat, it can be a long drawn out process," said TFD's Private Sterling Rahe.

The FBI is also involved in this incident and Toledo police now have the name and address of that envelop for investigation

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