Here's why we may not be covering a threat at your child's school

Here's why we may not be covering a threat at your child's school
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(WTOL) - In the past few days, we’ve received word of an increasing number of threats against our children in both Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio. Several school districts are working with police to investigate threats since the school shooting in Florida. In many cases, students are facing criminal charges for those threats.

We, here at WTOL, realize that any threat is disturbing—especially if it is at your child’s school. We know they divert attention from the classroom for both teachers and administrators. We know they divert the attention of law enforcement from other issues.
Finally, we know they upset you because you want to be assured that your kids are safe when you say goodbye to them in the morning.
So how can we find the balance between informing you of what’s going on—and making sure we don’t contribute to the panic?
It’s not an easy equation.
We take this responsibility of informing you of legitimate threats very seriously. We are journalists, but more importantly, many of us are parents too. We share your concerns. Like you, we are talking to our children about their fears and what to do if the unthinkable happens in their classroom.
As a result, we have chosen not to report on each and every threat—unless criminal charges are filed. In most of these cases, the suspects are juveniles—so we will not be releasing their names. In cases where adults are involved, those names will be released. When we learn of a credible threat, or when charges are filed, we will pass that information along to you on the air, online and on social media.
As journalists our goal is to minimize harm. While we won’t know all of the reasons immediately for some of the threats, we are sure that some of it is to seek attention. So we will make every effort to balance those making credible threats against those whose sole purpose is to create chaos in our community.

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