Resources and warning signs for families in need of child support

Resources and warning signs for families in need of child support

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Having a child will change anyone's life.

Carly Salamone of the Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio explained that ensuring a child makes it through his or her first year starts before they're born.

"In certain situations it can come down to planning," Salamone said. "So starting when you're pregnant, if you know you're going to need full time child care, if you know that maybe you will qualify for some kind of financial assistance."

Salamone said getting the word out about community support is difficult. She said often when proper planning doesn't happen, mom's in a bind don't have a trusted place for their child to go.

"You wish that there was a resource 'where I'm in a bind, my kid is sick, I have to go to work' or 'I have to go to the store I wish I could d rop my child off at this place,' that doesn't exist," said Salamone.

But there are resources available that work to help moms in the best way they can listed below"

  • Moms and Babies First at Neighborhood Health Association- 419-242-6028 ext. 655
  • East Toledo Family Center Home Visiting Programs- 419-691-1429
  • ProMedica Toledo Hospital Help Me Grow- 419-291-5581
  • Mercy Health Connections- 419-251-2282
  • Northwest Ohio Pathways HUB- 419-842-0800

Salamone said these programs aren't just for mothers.

"If you know that you're going to have somebody else in your home who might look after your child once they're here, getting them involved with all of the services you as a mom are working through throughout your pregnancy," she explained.

Salamone said at any point if a mother feels she needs help, it isn't too late.

Lucas County Children Services gives these warning signs to look out for when choosing the people or partner who will be around your child:

  • Choose your partner carefully
  • Think it's funny to scare your child
  • Tries to scare your child with guns, knives or weapons
  • Tells you that you're a bad parent
  • Show anger or impatience with your child
  • Calls your child bad names
  • Tells you that your child is a nuisance

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