Car shops responding to pothole damage

Car shops responding to pothole damage

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Some auto repair shops in Toledo are seeing an uptick in people calling about pothole damage.

Employees at Toledo Auto Care in Toledo said they started seeing an uptick in pothole calls just after the holidays. Customers are calling in with all kinds of damage.

"We have seen broken tires, broken rims, bent rims major suspension damages included broken and bent control arms," said Jason Kelley, the manager at Toledo Auto Care.

Employees said they have even seen accidents happen due to cars running over a pothole. They add that the most damage happens when people are driving in the curb lane where pockets of water form.

The cost of repairs can be pretty expensive..

"We're working on one right now that's excessive about $2,000. So avoiding and trying to steer away from the potholes is the best idea, but in most cases, we can't avoid them," said Kelley.

Employees at Rads Automotive Repair in Toledo said they've also been getting an uptick in pothole calls. They said they've been pretty busy lately.

If you can help it, try to avoid driving in the curb lane, and remember if you do damage to your car, pull over to a safe area and call for help.

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