WLS addresses security after stabbing incident

WLS addresses security after stabbing incident

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After a close call Tuesday, Washington Local School board discussed security measures within the district at their regular scheduled meeting Wednesday.

This comes after a 13-year-old student stabbed a school resource officer at Jefferson Junior High on February 20th. That officer, Craig Hanna is doing well after the incident, but board members wanted to discuss how they can keep staff and students safe into the future.

Some parents during Wednesday's meeting raised concerns about not being notified of that incident soon enough. The board said student safety is their top concern and they are open to ideas of how to move forward.

"The only thing that I ask of you is when you go to revise the security plan is that the parents are notified immediately," said Tara Mayers, a WLS mother.

"We can argue about a lot of the communication issues that happened, but long term it worked out well for the kids that were in the school and that still is our final answer is what was best for the kids," said David Hunter a WLS school board member.

The board will be addressing how they can better protect their staff and students in future meetings along with meeting individually with people from each building to go over their safety plans.

WLS school board will also host a public forum in March to brainstorm with the community how they can work together regarding safety concerns in the future. That meeting is scheduled for March 13th at Whitmer High School.

Officer Craig Hanna was in attendance at Wednesdays meeting, he was hailed hero and given a round of applause by all in attendance.

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