City leaders responding to Anthony Wayne Trail pothole problem

City leaders responding to Anthony Wayne Trail pothole problem

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Drivers recently are not happy with the number of potholes on the Anthony Wayne trail.

"That's a street people are flying 55, 60 miles an hour down and you've got six inch potholes and that's going to hurt someone," said Zach Boling, who is fed up with the bumpy roads.

"It's terrible, they're awful", said Elisabeth Schweitzer, who lives in Temperance, Michigan, but drives through Toledo for work.

The Commissioner of Streets Bridges and Harbor for the City of Toledo, Jeremy Mikolajczyk, said weather is making their job difficult. It has been cold, warm, and raining, making the cold patches they're using, not last long.

"This quick fix stuff in these potholes and it's just breaking up every other month and it's just causing more of a problem and every time it happens, it makes it worse," said Boling.

Mikolajczyk said cold patches are all they have access to currently.

After driving the trail Wednesday he sent six more city crews out to fix the problem areas, and said every crew is working on the road Thursday morning.

"We're looking long and hard at other things we can use, other types of materials, other, just methods of making a more permanent patch, a safer patch," said Mikolajczyk.

He admits the road is overdue for being totally repaved.

Elisabeth Schweitzer knows firsthand how much of a problem these potholes can cause, on her way home from work Monday, she hit one, and got a flat tire. Now, she has to pay the price.

"I am looking at having to get four new rims, a new tire, a $75 tow.  You're looking at 500 dollars' worth of damage for a single mom of four kids," said Schweitzer.

She said she's contacted the city, but hadn't yet gotten a response.

City leaders said the best way to let them know about problem areas is Engage Toledo, either through the app or calling 419-936-2020. These can be tracked via an ID number.

Mikolajczyk adds even if it is suspected someone else has already reported it, he said, neighbors still should.

Boling said, he reported a few areas, but hasn't seen them get fixed, just yet.

"I'm still hoping, that's why I had to call a couple times so I hope everyone else calls," said Boling.

If a car is damaged because of a pothole on a state or federal route, claims can be filed with ODOT here.

There is no claim for city routes however.

Below are the numbers broken down by zip codes for the count of complaints in CityWorks. Some of these could be duplicates, however, this could be used to help determine where the patch and repair crews are deployed.

  • 43604 – 28
  • 43605 – 2
  • 43606 – 31
  • 43607 – 25
  • 43608 – 21
  • 43609 – 48
  • 43610 – 13
  • 43611 – 6
  • 43612 – 30
  • 43613 – 31
  • 43614 – 103
  • 43615 – 31
  • 43620 – 6
  • 43623 – 20

As of this week, the city has filled close to 6,000 potholes in 2018.

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