Outlying school districts discuss school security

Outlying school districts discuss school security

Since the school shooting in Florida we have learned about our area's bigger school districts' plans in place to handle an active shooter.  But what about the outlying districts.

"1,500 students fill classrooms right here at Otsego's campus. That is K-12. Security is definitely a priority to ensure these kids stay safe," said Deputy Brian Ruckstuhl,

He's one of three full time SRO's The Wood County Sheriff's Office has placed in the County's big school districts.

"I cant even begin to tell you how important it is building that rapport with the kids here and building that trust and those relationships," explained Deputy Ruckstuhl.

Deputy Ruckstuhl not only builds that trust so students feel comfortable reporting a possible threat,  but he also runs several trainings and drills on  ALICE and Run Hide Fight.

"We've really done a nice job on going through safety drills and really training our students and staff what it takes and what we can do if the unthinkable happens," said Adam Koch, Ostego's Superintendent.

And besides training, there are boots that have been installed on every door in the district.

"We can lock down our campus in about five seconds," Koch said.

"We all agreed there is not much more we can be doing different. We hope that never happens but we train, we practice and have a plan in place if that were to happen and hopefully we can respond accordingly before it gets too bad," said Ruckstuhl

Heis the first line of defense at Otsego until backup arrives.

"Haskins is the closest police station. Bowling Green PD is about eight miles away, so when there is a call for help, everyone comes running," said Ruckstuhl

And to help deputies who may need to respond at Otsego in an emergency, a new policy at the Wood county Sheriff's Officer has deputies stopping in at schools during their shifts, so they become familiar with these buildings.

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