Editorial: Toledo Water Conditioning

Hello, my name is John Keener and I'm the owner of Toledo Water Conditioning, but I'm addressing you as a concerned citizen of Toledo. I am urging you to educate yourself regarding your drinking water.

The local water department issues the water quality dashboard to indicate the presence of microcystin algal toxins. The dashboard displays only one test and is not an overall indicator for the safety of our water. We should have a dashboard report for every single test performed on our drinking water – pass or fail.  This should be available in real time to every single person using the water. Consumers have the right to know the ingredients in a loaf of bread or a can of beans, they should also have the right to know what's in their drinking water. This information should be available on line to every single person using public water in the United States.

The citizens of Whitehouse, Ohio have been exposed to cancer causing compounds in their water called trihalomethanes for over a year. This water comes from Toledo's water treatment plant.

The level of aluminum in our water is not just slightly elevated, but has been up to 300 times the allowable limit. Is this safe to drink?