Findlay church holds vigil for Florida victims

Findlay church holds vigil for Florida victims

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Findlay church holds vigil for Florida victims

A Findlay church invited the community in on Tuesday night, honoring the 17 lives lost in the shooting in Parkland, Florida last week.

The group showing up for the prayer vigil at First Christian Church wasn't big, but, those who were there feel strongly about the events unfolding in Florida on Valentine's Day.

"I am a student who goes to Findlay High School and every day I am constantly worried about what could happen," said Cory Fox at the vigil.

"I think it's important to heal as a community together," said Mallie Grim, who says she is not religious, but wanted to attend.

"Enough, it's enough," said Robin Kretzinger, a member of the church.

Robin Kretzinger is one of a few who stood up to speak. She said it is hard for her to look at the list of victims, with many of them being the same age as her daughter.

Kretzinger said she's worried for her kids, and actions need taken.

"Will it happen here? Boy you'd hope and pray it won't, but we don't have any guarantees these weapons are ending up in kid's hands much too easily," said Kretzinger.

For those criticizing anyone who said Parkland needs more than just thoughts and prayers, a pastor from another church in the audience stood up and spoke.

"They think that they don't need our prayers and thoughts because they want to be in action, but our prayers are still with them, amen," Kretzinger said.

"I think people should continue with thoughts and prayers but they should also back those thoughts and prayers with action," said Dr. Jack Sullivan Jr., the senior pastor at First Christian Church.

Dr. Jack Sullivan Jr. is firm in saying this is not an unsolvable problem, adding not everyone who wants a gun, should get one.

"Some people for a variety of reasons should never have access to a gun, just like some people for a host of reasons should never have access to driving a vehicle," said Dr. Sullivan.

Those at the vigil say they are standing behind the survivors and students speaking up in Florida, and hope they are heard.

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