Downtown umbrella service offered

Downtown umbrella service offered

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Are you thinking about getting out of the house, but having second thoughts because of the wet weather? Did you know there's a solution to get you out and about downtown?

The long weekend is over and most folks had to get back to work Tuesday regardless of the weather. Fortunately, the helpful folks at the Downtown Toledo Improvement District, are out on the streets to help you have a dry walk to and from your destinations.

"Part of our ambassador program, which is in Downtown, seven days a week, is to provide an umbrella escort," explained Cindy Kerr, Vice President of Operations for ConnecToledo, the Downtown Development Corporation. "So, if you see a bright yellow raincoat on a day like today, you are welcome to come up to an ambassador. Just ask them to give you an umbrella escort. We've got large, golf sized umbrellas and we can get you to where you're going."

The ambassador team works every day from 6 a.m. to about 8 p.m, and sometimes later in the summer, depending on what's going on.

There are a dozen ambassadors on staff and they are all paid positions. This group is behind all the events downtown, which also includes setup and takedown of events like DORA and the parades.

Michael Rheams, Operations Manager for ConnecToledo was one of the people out on the street helping folks get around Tuesday.

"We're just here to keep downtown as safe and as clean as possible, and days like today we try to be as hospitable as we can, and this is part of our job and we love doing it," said Rheams.

Downtown sees over three million visitors a year, and these guys average about 30 to 50 people they get to help every day just during the lunch rush.

They cover the riverfront to 10th St., and Monroe to Adams, so if there's something you need help with in the area, feel free to ask them directions, for minor car trouble help if you need it, or just say hello.

You can also reach them by giving them a call at 419-467-9451.

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