Gun owners discuss solutions following Florida school tragedy

Gun owners discuss solutions following Florida school tragedy

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After every mass shooting, there's a call for gun control. People speak up saying "something needs to be done."

Michael Bair is a gun owner. He owns the same type of semi-automatic weapon police said was used by the shooter in Florida last week, an AR-15. Bair says shooting is a hobby he enjoys, but it's not the only reason why he's a gun owner.

"Personally, I'd be horrified if I had to shoot somebody. I have my concealed carry permit, but I pray that I never have to use it," said Bair.

He added that if he does need to use his gun to protect himself, that's his right. He said mass shootings that we're experiencing is more of a people control problem, rather than a gun control problem.

Towers Armory just opened in Oregon in mid-December.

"We had the busiest weekend ever. I don't know if it had anything to do with it." said Owner Al Tawil.

Tawil said most people came to his store to shoot, than buy.

He said banning guns won't solve anything because criminals will still find a way to get them.

"People have to take action themselves. If they see something is wrong. They've got to report it," said Tawil.

CCW instructor Tom Urbanski agrees. He said criminals will find a way to get the 400 million guns in existence. He said gun control only keeps guns from good people.

He does say there is a bit of a difference in the tone following this Florida shooting.

"You finally got some feedback from the kids who got killed. The kids in Florida are fighting against it," said Urbanski.

He said try as they might, the students likely won't succeed in their mission, but he believes Congress can make some changes to make our streets safer.

"Most you're gonna get out of this is somebody is probably gonna ban bump stocks from that shooting in Las Vegas recently," Urbanski said.

He also said he'd like to see loopholes closed, like not needing background checks at gun shows.

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